Join us in Las Vegas, baby!
We look forward to hosting you!
PourCon Live 2023
Fluid Art Co is delighted to present The World's Largest Fluid Art Conference! August 6-9th in Las Vegas. 

Students, teachers and speakers will be flying in from more than 22 countries to gather in Las Vegas for Fun and Community Building. Further details available below!

Can't wait to see you all, finally!

Bring your A-game, because we're bringing ours!
Let our incredible lineup of Keynote Speakers educate, impact and and inspire you to see things from a whole new perspective. These three dynamic leaders are sure to move you! We will have one each of the three class days and your ticket to PourCon includes access to each of them, along with award winning cusine.
Lunch & Learn Speakers
Each day, we'll host you at a Lunch & Learn where all the attendees and educators will come together to enjoy award winning cuisine, while taking in the leadership of these dynamic speakers.

August 7th: Lunch & Learn with Josie Lewis
August 8th: Lunch & Learn with Gary John Bishop
August 9th: Lunch & Learn with Callen Schaub

Josie Lewis
Josie grew up wild in the deep woods of Northern Minnesota (with wood heat! and an outhouse!). She’ll teach you how to harness the state of creative flow to powerfully impact your art practice, your skills, your creative process, and your mental health.
Gary John Bishop
Gary was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a leading personal development expert and the author of several New York Times Bestsellers, including Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life.
Callen Schaub
Callen is an abstract artist most recognized for his unconventional techniques, live performances and frank openness about his process and life as an artist. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Schaub has been performing live trapeze, spin and pendulum paintings for over a decade.
Take your art to new heights. 
Enjoy world-class instruction by the industry's foremost Fluid Art teachers in a dynamic environment with classroom assistants, large screen visibility behind the instructors who will be mic'd up. Take your art up a notch (or three!) through hands-on learning and practice. No matter your skill level, PourCon offers you what you need. 

August 6th:
7 PM • Check-In and Welcome Party

August 7th:
Session One: AM class of your choice (times vary)
Lunch & Learn with Josie Lewis
Session Two: PM class of your choice (times vary)

August 8th:
Session One: AM class of your choice (times vary)
Lunch & Learn with Gary John Bishop
Session Two:
PM class of your choice (times vary)
Session Three: Additional PM class of your choice (times vary)
August 9th:
Session One: AM class of your choice (times vary)
Lunch & Learn with Callen Schaub

Session Two: PM class of your choice (times vary)

Closing PAJAMA Party starts @ 8PM
Shelee Carruthers
Never before has the Sheleeart Blooms course been available as an in-person class! Learn from Shelee herself! Once she shakes off the 36 hour jet-lag, the Queen of Consistencies is going to be walking you through the nitty-gritty details to get your Blooms looking Gallery-worthy. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, Shelee will enlighten you.
How to Get Paid as an Artist
Josie Lewis
2023 is the best time to start or grow your art business. If  you are curious about what it takes to sell your art in the new online marketplace, in this workshop Josie will share the Quickstart guide to art biz success.
Dragon scales: Using Dimensional Acrylic
Josie Lewis
Learn the ways of textural THICK acrylic. Josie will teach you how to blend economical acrylic medium with acrylic paints to create thick, touchable, and beautiful gradients.
The Algorithm Doesn’t Matter! How to Win at Instagram
Josie Lewis
Social media changes a lot! Learn what’s working now from Instagram-obsessed artist Josie Lewis.
Ring Pour
Garrick Brown
Come meet the winner of Meet your Maker Showdown on Discovery+ Network and learn how to create a classic ring pour! Garrick will teach you every step of the process from mixing your consistencies to layering your cup to tilting your composition successfully.
Cloud Pour
Tiffany Bergeron
You’ve seen the ethereal wonder of a well done cloud pour – come soar above those clouds with Tiffany of Willie B Studios. She’ll walk you through all the ingredients and consistencies needed to create heavenly artwork. You’ll be leaving with a one-of-a-kind painting of your own.
Swiping 101
Cathleen Ozmore
Come learn from the Queen of Swipes as she walks you through the various tools, tricks and tips of a masterful swipe. You’ll leave with your own gorgeous piece of art.
Landscape Swipe
cathleen ozmore
Cathleen makes landscape swipes look effortless and after this class, you will, too. She’ll teach you the proper color palettes, techniques, and tools to create a beautiful landscape in a few swipes plus some detail work. You’ll walk away with a gorgeous piece for your wall.
Mermaid Tail Swipe
cathleen ozmore
With a flick of her wrist, Cathleen evokes the joyful flash of a mermaid’s tail swishing through the sea. Come learn how and leave with your own joyfully fun piece to enjoy for years, along with all the knowledge and steps you need to repeat the process at home.
Resin Geodes
Chris Glatie
Chris is flying in from Hannover, Germany to teach you how to create sparkling, crystalline geodes that are often even more gorgeous than those found in nature. You’ll be leaving with a completed 14”x12” masterpiece for your wall.
Galaxy Pour
sarah mack
The depth of color and dimension in Sarah’s Galaxy pours are unmatched. Class will cover specifics such as paint and pigment mixing, how to layer the paint, consistencies, tilting and so much more that goes into successfully executing this type of pour! Learn this technique from the originator and see how she creates her out-of-this-world pieces and leave with one of your own!
Quintessential Dustpan Pour
sarah mack
Abstract is what it is all about! Let’s turn the Galaxy Pour up a notch using a dustpan to create unique home decor! We’ll cover paint/pigment layering, tilting, composition, balance and so much more! Sarah will also lead you through creating an abstract American Flag Pour. Embrace your inner Dalí!
SheleeArt Spin Swipe
Lisa Marvin
Lisa’s going to teach you how to mix your paints to the exact consistencies for creating stunning spin swipes using the Sheleeart cell activator recipe. Take home a one-of-a-kind beauty that’s yours to treasure for years to come.
Loaded Palette Knife Swipe
lisa marvin
Learn how to load your palette knives just right to create those amazing swipes with the Sheleeart cell activator and pouring medium recipe. Lisa will teach you how to get the consistencies right for best results. You’ll be leaving with a stunner of a piece created during the class.
Flower & Reverse Flower Dip
Fiona Art
Fiona created the Flower Dip and Reverse Flower Dip techniques and we’re delighted to present you with the rare opportunity to learn from the master. She’s coming to the states for the first time from Slovenia to teach you the freestyle technique, spiral-to-flower, puddle-to-flower, and bottle-bottom flower techniques. You’ll also learn her Reverse Flower Dip variation for a totally different look!
Business of Art
Marcy Ferro :: Mixed Media Girl
We all make art because it speaks to something in our souls, but wouldn’t it be nice if it paid for itself, as well? Let Marcy Ferro of Mixed Media Girl teach you how to monetize the beautiful creations of your heart and make your pocketbook happy at the same time!
Facebook & YouTube Like a Pro
marcy ferro :: mixed media girl
Marcy Ferro, Mixed Media Girl, is the master of working social media and making it work for her. Learn how to build A Facebook Business Page and a YouTube Channel and then convert them into money-makers that draw in followers/subscribers.
Marbling Pour
jeremy masse
If you’ve ever seen a pour that looks like a stunning slab of marble, you already know what you’re in for! You’ll be building a sandwich-layered cup that’s then flipped onto the canvas and tilted in such a way that it looks like stone.
Colour Theory
jessica winter strom
With extensive training in colour psychology during her Fine Arts studies, there is no one better to lead your through Colour Theory than Jess. Learn why certain colour palettes get all the love and others are just “meh.” She’ll also teach you how to mix ANY color using only red, yellow, and blue. You’ll leave with an in-depth understanding of how colour works, as well as the ability to purposefully plan your future palettes.
Make a Fluid Art Spinner
jessica winter strom
A cabinetmaker by trade, Jessica will be teaching you how to make one of her signature spinners with a special design exclusively for PourCon! You’ll be walking out with one small spinner suitable for coaster-sized artworks and instructions to build your own larger version at home.
Make a Floating Frame
jessica winter strom
If you saw the PiggyLove Collab at Valentine’s Day, you know how incredibly handy Jessica is with Floating Frames. Come learn how she does it and leave with your own for an 8″ x 8″ canvas. You’ll receive step-by-step instructions for scaling these killer frames at home.
Not Your Grandma's Flip Cup
karen durishin
Karen’s flip cups are legendary and you have the opportunity to learn exactly how she does them to create your own ombre pour with 5 colors and popping cells using silicone. She’ll show you the flip and lip, the flip and drag, and the basic lift. You’ll walk away with your very own self-created one-of-a-kind piece of art.
Sheleeart Flip Cup
karen Durishin
Come learn the precise consistencies required to get those oh-so-amazing results that Karen is famous for. She’ll show you the flip and lip with Sheleeart Cell Activator instead of silicone.
Embellished Pours with Acrylic Markers
karen durishin
Learn how to embellish a finished piece of art using Zentangles, doodles, and resin layers. Bring a piece with that you’ve created previously so that it’s already dry and ready for embellishment! If your piece just needs that little something extra, Karen will teach you how to take it it to the next level.
All Things Pearls
tara lombardi
Tara’s masterful use of materials and consistencies will have you creating your own pearly goodness in no time. This class is suitable for all skill levels and you’ll be leaving with a one-of-a-kind piece to treasure forever.
Advanced Pearl Pours
tara lombardi
If you’ve already managed to create pearls of your own and just need to know how to take them to the next level, this is the class for you. Pearl experience is recommended, but not required. Tara will help you create a pearl masterpiece that you can be proud to hang in your own home.
Pendulum Painting from A to Z
cole newman
One of the most dynamic techniques in practice today, the pendulum pour is larger than life and so is Cole! Come learn all the tips and tricks of how he creates his pieces and make one of your own on 36” x 48″ rolled canvas, so it’s easy to transport.
Wispy Split Cup Pour
mina villegas
Learn how to create the delicate details and wispy lines using a split cup and Mina’s recipes. Take home a lovely one-of-a-kind painting that you’ll create in the class.
Wandering Spiral Pour
mina villegas
Learn to create gorgeous, bold lines and colors that pop in a Wandering Spiral Pour using a split cup. Mina’s going to help you create your own masterpiece to treasure for years to come.
Radial Groove Pour
nate bright
Come learn a brand new technique with a tool FAC has specially designed and will unveil at PourCon! You’ll have your choice of 3D embellishment for the center of your piece. You’ll be leaving with a gorgeous new technique that no one else has had the opportunity to learn yet!
Dutch Pour
EriCa Hughes
Learn from the Queen of Dutch Pours! Erica will walk you through the tools, consistencies, techniques, and how to get that just right blow. Take home your one-of-a-kind treasure forever..
Chaos Style Dutch Pour
erica hughes
Learn from the Queen of Dutch Pours! Erica will walk you through the tools, consistencies, techniques, and how to get that just right blow. Take home your one-of-a-kind Dutch Pour to treasure forever.
Dimensional Embellishments
Tanya Mundt
We’ve all marveled at Tanya’s incredible works of art using a hot glue and paint markers to create amazing pictorial art over her pours. She’ll be demonstrating how she creates her designs and you’ll be practicing the technique using outlines that Tanya will have created for you ahead of time. You’ll also have step-by-step instructions to create pieces at home. Please indicate your preference of mermaid or hummingbird & flower when you check out and ** BRING AN EXISTING POUR WITH YOU **
Custom Dominoes
annie Morcos
Learn how to create custom dominoes! Annie will cover resin tips and tricks, how to embed objects, coloring your resin and more! You’ll leave PourCon with a set of your own custom-created dominoes.
Resin Ocean Pour on
a Charcuterie Board
annie morcos
Annie’s going to teach you how to use FAC’s brand new High Tide Piggy Paste to create those beautiful beachy waves in resin! You’ll leave PourCon with your own beautiful Charcuterie Board.
3D Resin Flower Coasters
annie morcos
Learn resin tips and tricks while creating 3D Flower Coasters with Annie! You’ll be amazed by the effect you create in this surprisingly simple application of materials and technique. You’ll leave PourCon with a set of 4!
Alcohol Ink Basics
bree edge
Come meet the infamous Bree Edge who’s traveling in from Sydney, Australia to teach you stunning alcohol ink skills. In this beginner class, she’ll cover materials, preparation, techniques, and finishing.
Advanced Alcohol Inks
bree edge
If you’ve already experimented with alcohol inks and are looking to expand your skill set with embellishments, more advanced techniques, and more, this is the class for you! Come meet our Bree and polish your skills!
Resin Finishing
Curious about how to finish your art with resin? Kanella will be teaching you step-by-step what you need to learn. ** BONUS ** In this hands-on class, you'll be resining a Sheleeart Original to take home and enjoy for years to come!
Meet your people!
If the last few years of world events have left you feeling like you need a break with like-minded people, PourCon is the place for you. Fluid Art is arguably the world's fastest emerging art form. Come get to know people who share our language! Share some downtime with folks who won't look at you sideways when you say "I can't wait to try the new piggies". Fluid Artists, UNITE!
Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa, Casino and Convention Center
2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052
At The Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa, Casino and Event Venue, you’re sure to find ample opportunities to connect with other Fluid Artists from your community. Whether you’re into gambling, dining, shopping, or just enjoying the sun with a cocktail in your hand, you’re in for quite a treat.

Pour, Dine, Gamble, Relax and Stay all @ Green Valley Ranch Resort
We've arranged for special discounts for our group for August 6th - 9th (checking out on the 10th). Use the link below to go directly to the PourCon booking site. 
PourCon FAQ
Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: No, there’s too much involved in creating a custom-tailored experience for you. The moment your booking comes in, we’re off and running. You may transfer your ticket to someone else for $150 fee, however they’d have to keep your exact class schedule.

Q: I have dietary restrictions
A: Likely, it's no problem! Please email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

Q: Can you put my chosen name on my badge?
A: Absolutely! Please email [email protected] with your details and we’d be happy to take care of that for you.

Q: Oops! I accidentally registered for two of the same class.
A: We’re all human and mistakes can occur. Our staff will be switching your registration for you automatically. If you have a preference or special request regarding which class we switch you to, you’re welcome to email us at [email protected], but we cannot guarantee your request will work out.

Q: I'd love a roommate to split costs with!
A: Please see this post on Facebook to find others in the same situation:

Q: Do we get a discount for the resort?
A: Absolutely! Not only are the rooms discounted, but we also get up to 20% off at the spa! Book here:

Q: Can I purchase additional classes for an additional fee?
A: This is not currently an option, as we're committed to ensuring that everyone who attends PourCon is able to register for their 7 classes, but if that changes, we will announce it in the This Little Piggy Facebook group

Q: Can I bring my friend or family with me to the Keynote sessions?
A: No, we are sorry, but PourCon is strictly for ticket holders. That said, Green Valley Ranch Resort is incredibly cool and if your friend or family member would like to come along and gamble, lounge by the pool, and enjoy the spa, they are more than welcome!

Q: Can I just purchase a day pass?
A: No, PourCon is an all-inclusive experience.

Q: Will my class-created items be dry by the time I go home?
A: Some will and some won't. For any pieces that you create and absolutely fall in love with, we will have an option for you to have your piece resined by one of our expert finishers and shipped to you. The cost will depend on the size of your piece and the postage.

Q: Is food included in the ticket price?
A: Each of the 3 days, we will have a Lunch & Learn in the ballroom with our Keynote Speakers, and for these sessions, you will have a fabulously plated meal from the chefs at GVR. In addition, you'll be selecting your dinner for the Wrap Party which is a PAJAMA GALA! <3 Come comfy!! For all other meals, please enjoy any one of the fabulous on-site restaurants, buffets, coffee shops and other fun dining options.

Q: Where should I eat the meals that are not included in the price of PourCon?
A: Green Valley Ranch Resort and the District @ Green Valley Ranch have a MASSIVE list of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to choose from. Grab a new friend or two and go explore. You're going to love it!
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